Emergency Water Supply using water stored from soda plastic bottles

Yes people. I am doing it and I am using it. Water stored from soda bottles. I am using it now when suddenly our faucet water stops. Works all the time and works like a charm.

Do not throw your soda bottles. Fill them with water and soon, you will have a lot of stored water and a lot of peace of mind.


DIY Rescue Boat from Soda Plastic Bottles

During disasters, the emergency system can never work forĀ  everybody and takes time. Finger pointing is always the first reaction of the people. There is always no budget, low budget and corruption. And oh, there is also the political drama.

People Empowerment is the answer. Do not expect money from anyone. I encourage you to use your wits, your God-giving common sense and sheer man power.

Here are some sample photos of this project:

6afe9c4be56854ec9c8f3b96cbe a.baa-Boat-of-plastic-bottl a_boat_made_of_recycled_pla Asahi-BBBC Bottles-Up-Boat-3 Federico-Blanc-Recycled-Pla iKEm07a8zPFs plastic-bottle-sail-boat-21 Plastic-bottles-boat-2

Kangkong Plant for Food

Yup. The crawling Kangkong plant or Water Spinach or Swamp Cabbage is a very nutritional food and wildly grows everywhere in the tropics near bodies of water.

Kang Kong is a highly nutritious plant with high levels of protein, calcium, iron, potassium, & vitamins A B & C. A valuable addition to the diet.

water-kangkong kangkung-cutDSC_0171 kangkong1 Kangkong_3 Kangkong-(1) 017 4 3

It looks like this when cooked with spices and coconut milk. Delicious!

You can also just boil or steam the Kangkong, leaf and stem.