Things you can do with an empty plastic soda bottle

bottle_airlock bottle_bag bottle_cosplay bottle_furniture bottle_greenhouse bottle_kayak bottle_lighting bottle_miniature bottle_snowglobe soda_bottle_container soda_bottle_holder soda_bottle_jetpack soda_bottle_planter soda_bottle_planter2 soda_bottle_planter3 soda_bottle_purse soda_bottle_roof soda_bottle_sprinkler soda_bottle_toy soda_bottle_toy2 soda_bottle_toy3 soda_bottle_vase soda_bottle_wall soda_bottle_wall2


DIY Rescue Boat from Soda Plastic Bottles

During disasters, the emergency system can never work forĀ  everybody and takes time. Finger pointing is always the first reaction of the people. There is always no budget, low budget and corruption. And oh, there is also the political drama.

People Empowerment is the answer. Do not expect money from anyone. I encourage you to use your wits, your God-giving common sense and sheer man power.

Here are some sample photos of this project:

6afe9c4be56854ec9c8f3b96cbe a.baa-Boat-of-plastic-bottl a_boat_made_of_recycled_pla Asahi-BBBC Bottles-Up-Boat-3 Federico-Blanc-Recycled-Pla iKEm07a8zPFs plastic-bottle-sail-boat-21 Plastic-bottles-boat-2